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Welcome to IGNITE KIDS!

Tomorrow’s church starts with planting and growing the seeds today!

IGNITE KIDS serves children from kindergarten through 6th grade. We believe church should be fun and relatable for children – that is why we are often “silly” AND “serious.” On Sundays, we offer discipleship classes at 9:30AM and a Kids’ Service at 10:30AM. We also offer a Wednesday Night gathering at 7PM in addition to special events and activities so your child’s heart might ignite and burn for Jesus.

Our Vision


It is our passion for each child to experience the love and reality of Jesus personally. We proclaim the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ so that each child may encounter the Living God and ignite the passion for Jesus.


It is our passion for each child to continue to grow their personal relationship with Jesus. We offer Biblically-based discipleship programs, prayer and dedicated teachers to fan and grow the passion for Jesus within each child’s heart.

Plan your child’s visit!

We understand that starting in a new place can be difficult for anyone, especially a child.

So, give your child a head start and let us give them the VIP treatment by letting us know who they are and

when they plan on visiting us at IGNITE KIDS!

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