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Welcome to The Pursuit!

Pursue God, Pursue People, Change the World

We are the student ministry of The Tabernacle serving all students ages 12 to 18, and we exist to “Pursue God, Pursue People, and Change the World”. With the simple vision to Introduce, Invest, and Involve, it is our goal to create well-rounded, Spirit-filled students who are equipped and eager to change the world. So, plan your visit, join us on Wednesday nights at 7:00PM, and come be a part of what God is doing at The Pursuit!

Our Vision


The first key to our vision is to INTRODUCE students to the love and power of God. This portion of our vision is accomplished primarily through our Wednesday night services and outreach events. By exposing students to the love, power, and message of the Bible in these ways we believe we are setting them up for a life-changing encounter with God!


The second key to our vision is to INVEST into each student on a personal level in order to ensure that they are growing in their relationship with God. This portion of our vision is executed through discipleship, one-on-one mentorship, and special events. We believe that by providing students with a solid Biblical foundation through discipleship, they will be ready and equipped to change the world!


The final key to our vision is to INVOLVE students in ministry, allowing and encouraging them to serve the ministry and The Tab. This portion of our vision is achieved by plugging students into the varying leadership areas of our student ministry.

Plan your visit!

We understand that starting in a new place can be difficult for anyone, especially for a student.  So, give your young person a head start and let us give them the VIP treatment by letting us know who they are and when they plan on visiting us at The Pursuit!

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